We Match Top Executives with Established, Highly Profitable B2B Franchises.....


Investment from $50,000 - $400,000

  • 7 Figure Potential Earnings
  • Partner with Well Established, Brand Name Franchises
  • Low Initial Investment (most under 100k all-in)
  • Replicable Business Model

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Franchise.city Matches Top Sales Executives with Successful

Business to Business Franchise Opportunities.

B2B Franchises

Over the past 10 years FRAN5 has helped hundreds of successful sales people and executives become very successful business owners with our B2B franchise matching program.

We recruit top sales and executive talent who want to start their own business, and match them with successful B2B franchise opportunities.

Franchising, as most people are aware allows investors to own a business of their own while leveraging a successful, established business model and well known brand.

Franchising to most people is McDonalds', KFC or Taco Bell. But that same business model is also used - and very successfully - by companies in the B2B space. And there are about 60 of them altogether in various markets we will cover shortly.

The synergy here is that Sales executives provide the core strengths that these types of franchises need to thrive while benefiting from the support, business structure and brand recognition of a well known franchise.

So the franchise benefits by having a quickly ramped up top performer with skin in the game in the territory, while you benefit with franchise support, lower risk, quicker time to profitability, proven business plans, ongoing training and more.

Another benefit of B2B franchises is the cost. While most major food franchises are in
the half million range B2B franchises require a much lower investment. The majority are under $100K as they are often non brick and mortar service type of models. Now
despite the lower ROI the returns on investment can often match or exceed many food

B2B FranchiseOn that note -- the first question we are always asked is how much can I make. Another
benefit of franchising is that audited financials and company histories are publicly available in their franchise disclosure documents.



  • A popular consulting franchise boasts annual earnings of over $600,000 for their top 25% franchisees and over $200,000 for offices operating more than one year
  • A residential restoration franchise indicates and average NET income of $800,000
  • The worlds largest employment franchise shows mature offices earning over 5.6 million annually
  • A commercial maid franchise indicates average earnings at 1.4 million.
    and there are many more

All these franchises have established systems,business processes and brand
recognition. You add a motivated and experienced executive and you have a win win for
both parties.

Franchise.city is currently under contract with more than 60 B2B franchises that operate in multiple sectors including telecom, sales training, consulting, senior care, financial and many more. Some of these franchises are portable and can be owner operated from a home office, others have additional infrastructure and employees. Depending on your background and business goals we help you to identify the best franchise matches available in your territory for your specific situation.

"A Popular Property Restoration Franchise Averages $800,000 NET.  The Worlds Largest Employment Franchisees are Earning an Average of $5,400,000 Annually"



  • Opportunistic Relationship Builders
  • Formal Sales Training
  • Understanding of Sales Cycles
  • Strong Communicators
  • Good Management Skills
  • Ability to Network with “C” Level Prospects

As well as a verifiable history of success in a sales or executive role.


Investment levels for these franchise range from under $50,000 and upward so you will
also need a minimum of $50,000 to invest in your franchise and the financial capacity
to support yourself as the business ramps up.

If you would like to learn more about our program and see what franchises are available
in your area let's talk. +1 (800)-432-1583.   Or contact us

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