We Match Executives with Highly Profitable Franchise Opportunities.

Elevate Both Career and Earnings with Your own Franchise.

We are Actively Recruiting for the Following:

You are Worth More!

Sure, anyone can own and operate a Subway store (average gross earnings under $500K). As an experienced executive however your skills can command higher earnings. Up to 10X more.

Franchises For Executives

Franchise.city is currently under contract with over 600 National franchise brands.  Each franchise has unique ownership requirements, investment amounts, minimum net worth requirements, ideal candidate profiles and unique qualifying criteria.
We match successful executives with the most profitable franchises that are best suited to their background, operational preferences and investment range.

No More Wage Slave

Owning a franchise removes many of the the limitations you had as an employee while providing support and guidance from an experienced National Brand.

Our Service is Free

With  Franchise.city  you have access to explore a network of over 600 franchise opportunities all in one place with the guidance and insight of your own qualified broker. Explore hundreds of established franchise resales or new franchises, source preferred lenders specializing in business financing, connect with legal experts and much more.   Our services are provided free to candidates as we are paid a referral fee from the franchisor. Just like your Real Estate broker we are paid by the seller and there is no charge to you.

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If you think you might make a great franchise owner and would like to learn more feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation.

Why Franchising?


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