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Franchise City is currently recruiting for top sales pros who feel they are worth more than their 9-5 job is paying and have always wanted to start their own business. If you have a minimum of 2 years solid B2B sales experience, a desire to build a big business in your local territory as well as $20K to invest in your own business this established social media opportunity might be a great fit for you.

Fortunes have been made throughout history by people getting in at the right time. And no one can deny that right now social media is the place to be. Billions of people today use social media and the internet and they use it to shop, to research products, look for places to eat and a lot more.

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Owning a B2B Social Media BusinessEVERY business today needs social media. The problem is most don't know how to conduct a Social media campaign effectively, and most don't have the time to learn it. It is this window of opportunity that can help you earn a solid income in your own territory.

Small business owners have three problems…

The don’t have the time to post engaging content consistently across all of their social channels.
They don’t have the knowledge to do it effectively.
They don’t have the resources to hire someone internally to do it for them.

In 2016 it’s estimated that businesses will spend over $135 billion on new online digital assets and collateral to promote their product or service.

now imagine if you could walk into any small business - and there are hundreds or even thousands in your city - and for a small monthly fee have all their social media taken care of. Their Facebook, their twitter, all of their customer driving social media done and in a highly professional manner. If you could do that you would filling a big need and helping with a pain that most businesses have today.

And all you as a licensee of the company have to do have to do is present the service to local business owners. Using the high quality marketing collateral the company provides you just sell the service to the business owner. You then introduce them directly to their technical account manager and from that point forward your customer is serviced by an internal team of writers, and a team of social media experts. You are now free to go out and do what you do best and that is find new customers while still getting paid every single month from every customer as long as they are a client. So all you do is introduce, all you do is sell once and get paid for the lifetime of the client. So you can see how this business can quickly ramp up to a 6 figure income.

So there you have it - a need that all companies have that you can easily fill by partnering with a well established company. You bring the customers and the company does all the work while you get paid.


Local licencees don't need to have any knowledge of social media as the company handles all of your clients for you. You will however need to have existing local business contacts, and/or the willingness to generate business in your local area. That means you will need to know how to sell.

Licensees receive ongoing revenue from every account that they set up. This is passive revenue for the lifetime of every account!

IDEAL CANDIDATE:business opportunity under 20K

We are currently recruiting in every major city throughout the USA
The type of candidate we are seeking is a confident sales professional with a minimum of 2 years prior business development experience in any industry with a B2B focus. Existing relationships with small to mid sized business contacts, or the ability and willingness to develop new local clients in a given territory and generate referrals. Average technical aptitude is required such as using a laptop, cellphone and basic software. No previous industry or Social Media experience is required. Passionate about building a thriving business in their local area and willing to put forth the requisite effort to do so. You will need to have $20,000 and working capital as your business ramps up.



Company provides all the tools and training to help you succeed in your own business.

If you fit the candidate profile and would like to learn more about the business opportunity please fill out the form on this page +1(800)-432-1583

Social Media Business Overview

  • Investment Under $20K
  • Be in Business in 10 days!
  • 6 Figure earning Potential
  • Training and Support Provided

B2B Opportunity

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