Top 5 Franchises for Women

And What the Heck is a Good Franchise for all Women Anyway?

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Top 5 Franchises for Women by Robert Edwards

Those of you who follow the channel know I always tell it like it is so let me tell you why they have these "Franchises for Women" categories. Only for one reason - to sell franchises.

The other day I came across a list of franchises that were apparently great for Lesbian and gay owners. There are also franchises that are supposedly great for veterans, for minorities and many more.

And marketers do this because as human beings we like things that are specific to us. The more specific they can be the more we feel this opportunity is best suited for us. And based on that first warm and fuzzy feeling that we are among friends and  like  minded partners, we often overlook things that we should have looked at more critically and might have.... if we weren’t feeling so warm and fuzzy.  So make sure you leave emotions at the front door when you are researching a franchise.

And when you really think about it, what universal feature about women in general makes a franchise applicable to all of them? If we suggest nothing but fashion or hair salons that’s pretty sexist! In fact we know of quite a few really successful women owners of automotive franchises and they love it.

Here at franchise city we look at the individual - likes. dislikes, business background, personality, budget, location and a whole lot more and that gives a much better picture for a potential franchise match than some generic label like "Best Franchise for Women"

That said I don't want to disappoint so here are 5 franchises that we like that could possibly, maybe be a fit for women. or men. or minorities. Or veterans. 🙂


Scout and Mollys. Scout and Mollys is a "rustic chic" boutique fashion franchise. If you have ever dreamed of being in the fashion industry Scout and Mollys could be a good fit. This is a storefront retail boutique carrying well known and up and coming designer fashions as well franchise picas jewelry and accessories. Scout and Mollys provides full training so there is no need for experience just a passion for fashion.  You should live in an area where a store like Scout and Mollys would be well received have a net worth of $450K and total investment for a Scout and Molly store will be in the $300,000 range.

Shapes Fitness. If you have been following the fitness industry you will have noticed its been in constant growth mode. We have seen many gyms and fitness concepts segment themselves and create niche markets like kickboxing, Pilates or others. Shapes niche is that woman franchisesis has no niche allowing the brand to adapt to any demand the market may have. Shapes revenues are really impressive, they have higher member retention than most gyms, and a fantastic pre opening marketing program that can pack your gym even before its open. A shapes will set you back about $175,000- $375,000 depending on the configuration of the club.

Cruise Planners by American Express.  Travel is obviously a fun business and in a growth market.  The Amex Cruise Planners franchise has been ranked #1 for the 14th straight year in the travel category by Entrepreneur Magazine and is the Nation's largest home based franchised travel network. This is a very low cost franchise that can be operated from home. cruise planners franYour business revolves around helping people with their travel needs as well as generating new clients for your business. Full training is provided by Cruise planners in all aspects of running your own franchise.  This can be a very profitable and fun business for someone who is outgoing, social and good at online and offline networking.  Your investment for an American Express Cruise Planners franchise is only $10,500.

Tutor Doctor.  Parents will always spend money on their kids regardless of economic conditions. Tutor Doctor provides one on one home tutoring services and has over 500 franchise units currently operating in 16 countries. Tutor Doctor also offers an executive franchise femaleoperational model where owners can install a director and have the business run itself. You don't need any background in education but a business background and a penchant for local networking is a huge plus. Your total investment for a Tutor Doctor Franchise will range between $66,000 and $104,000.

Presents of Mine.   Presents of Mine is a new franchise in a very unique space. They provide on demand personalized and monogrammed gift items for weddings, graduations, babies, birthdays or any other gift occasion. This is an easy to operate, upscale business for someone who lives in a boutique or tourist destination. You will want to be someone who is franchise3creative, great with people, and not inspired at all by owning a boring old burger or sub shop. Presents of Mine does all sorts of gift items that are ready in an hour or two. If you are someone who likes to get in at the ground level of an up and coming franchise Presents of Mine is a good fit.  Investment is $190-$270K

So there you have it five franchises that may or may not be great for women. Remember don't fall into these marketing traps that prey on your emotions, and always do your research. If you would like to learn more about those franchises or any others call your broker at

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