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Panda express franchise

Panda Express is a success story that shows how hard work and belief in a concept can do great things.


In 1973 Mr. Andrew Cherng opened the first Panda Inn in Pasadena California beside his father, Master Chef Ming-Tsai Cherng. Panda Inn was one of the first restaurants to introduce Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine to Southern California. The Inn did quite well and in 1983 the first Panda Express was opened in the Glandale Galleria. In 1987 the next location opened in Honolulu, Hawaii, and by 1993 after only 10 years Panda Express had opened its 100th location.By 2002 the 500th location opened. In 2007 the 1000th location opened and the brand achieved billion dollar revenues for the first time. Today Panda Express has more than 1500 locations in 45 States.

Panda Express is actively involved in many charity and humanitarian initiatives and pays employees higher wages to retain quality staff.


There is good news and bad news regarding the acquisition of a Panda Express Franchise. The bad news is you can’t buy a Panda Express for any price as every single store is corporately owned and operated and always has been.

The good news is that right now there are several food style franchises that are poised to be the next “Panda Express Franchise”. As brokers we work with over 500 well known and upcoming Franchise Brands and can introduce you to successful concepts in the food services industry or any others.



Panda Express DOES NOT sell franchises as all their stores are corporately owned. There are however other food franchises with similar business models that compete in the same space as Panda and do sell franchises. helps investors research, compare and explore their franchise choices in a neutral, pressure free environment. WE also work with many other franchise brands outside the food industry that may be of interest.

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