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Are Trampoline Franchises Good Value? How Much do they Cost? What are the Alternatives?

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Over the past decade Trampoline parks have grown by leaps and bounds (Pun intended).  This is part of a growing trend that merges fitness with entertainment, encompassing special events, children's parties, planned family outings and more.

Starting from ground zero just over a decade ago today the trampoline industry enjoys a $700 million dollar annual revenue with no slowing in sight.

Franchise city helps investors research all their business options in many markets including trampoline parks. As experienced franchise brokers we work with hundreds of franchises and have direct access to quickly provide the facts and figures you need make the right decision.

Our service works much like your real estate agent. First, explore our portfolio of well known, award winning franchises. We'll show you which franchises are available in your area, in your budget and which industries are appropriate for your skills and background. No wasting time contacting franchises that aren't available or out of your price range.

We will then help you understand the key differences between franchises based on royalty amounts, failure rates, territory sizes, investment amount, potential revenue and much more. This critical step quickly determines which franchises might a better investment choice.

Most popular trampoline franchises are over 1 million dollars to open and the average park is about 25,000-40,000 square feet . For investors with lower budgets there are alternative children's health and fitness options we can show you, such as themed inflatable park franchises, or indoor adventure parks available in the $300K range. For investors with an even smaller budget who are still interested in the health, education and fitness industries for children and young adults, we recommend a Play Center or education based learning center. These are available between $40,000 to $100,000.  While these alternative options have lower budgets they still focus on children's fitness, physical health and well being.

Play franchising trampolineThere are several franchises capitalizing on children & young adults fitness and entertainment. These are available to explore and compare within our portfolio. Contact us for details.

Our services are provided at no charge to you compliments of participating franchise brands. If you would like to learn more about trampoline or other children's entertainment,health and  fitness franchises please fill out the form or contact us by telephone.

Franchise City  helps you explore multiple Trampoline franchise options. We also work with similar franchises in the indoor inflatable market, Indoor playgrounds and climbing centers, Kids education and play and much more.

There is no charge for our service and your franchise will never cost you more by using a Franchise City Broker.

You can learn more about Our Services, Franchise Opportunities or complete the form to the right to learn more about Trampoline and Children's Franchise options.  You can also reach us directly at + 1 (800) 432-1583  or visit our page to learn more.


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