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We do our best here at Franchise City to be the first to bring you interesting, emerging and profitable franchise brands today I am excited about a new franchise that is truly a lifestyle business. If you have visions of running a trendy beachside business, or a tourist type of operation, even a busy location in a city it does not get much cooler than this.

Name of the company is Motoped and shout out to Motoped for providing the images in this presentation you will see today.

RENTMOTOPED FRANCHISEYou may have seen some of the media buzz about Motoped which is their own product proudly manufactured in Kansas City Missouri. There have been appearances at Barrett Jackson, the Sturgis Bike Rally and Motoped was ranked Maxim Magazines top toy of 2016. You can see here as well that Conan O'Brien and Travis Pastrana are also fans of Motoped.

This is a brand new franchise and investors will have the opportunity to be one of the first to market in their own protected territory. International inquiries are also welcomed for distributorships worldwide and we'll provide contact details at the end of this video. Motoped founders are a passionate group of entrepreneurs and we see them here in front of a RentMotoped unit. And these are the turnkey units available for a franchise.

Motoped bikes bridge the gap between high performance motorcycles and low powered , limited ability electric bikes. Riders can check out cities, beaches , parks, adventure resorts and more.

RentMotoped is the exclusive distribution channel for Motoped bikes and related products. Together with the manufacturer, RentMotoped franchises created a rental kiosk franchise which operates out of a custom built shipping container. Franchisees have the opportunity to rent Motopeds in their local markets, for an hourly fee as well as sell Motoped bikes and merchandise. Motoped targets tourist destinations and thrill seekers of all types.

So the opportunity provides the ability to own your own location and rent these really cool bike rental businessbikes out in your local territory. If you live in or near to a popular tourist destination, or have dreams of opening a trendy rental place in a city spot RentMotoped would be a great fit.
The entire operation is a business in a box. So they truck delivers the container, which is your storefront, and everything is inside ready to go including your initial inventory of MotoPed bikes. If you are in a location that does not have access to electricity, the whole unit can be operated with a generator. So just drop the unit down, open the doors and you are ready for business. Now that is a turnkey franchise.

Why might you consider the Motoped Rental industry?

72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences over material items.
Equipment industry revenues have been growing at a rate of 4 times more than the general economy over the past 5 years.
The global motorcycle rental market is expected to grow 4.8% by year 2020.

The ideal franchisee / candidate

Individuals with an interest in providing a one of kind experience in vacation destinations all over the world. No mechanical experience is required, just an enthusiasm for fun. Franchisees may be asked to provide tours, so knowledge of your local market is preferred. Anyone seeking a creative way to become an entrepreneur or interested in retiring someplace desirable. Have to admit - this franchise makes me want to grow a beard, put on a Hawaiin shirt and hang out at the beach all day.

Your investment will include a franchise fee of $35,000, your total investment all in will range between $103,100 - $143,500. Financing is available but you will need liquidity(cash, stocks, bonds) requirement: $21,000 - $36,000 minimum and a Net worth of at least $150,000.

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