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“Sales Based Franchising”
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"Sales Based Franchising Allows Executives be in Business for Themselves, but not by Themselves"


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Hundreds of Salespeople Have already Created Million Dollar Businesses Through Sales Based Franchising.

Over the past 20 years hundreds of successful salespeople have taken their careers to the next level through a little known but very lucrative business strategy known as sales based franchising.

These Salespeople have invested in a franchise business with direct sales as the core business driver.

While most people equate franchising with retail food giants like McDonalds, KFC or Taco Bell, many are unaware that same mega-successful business operational model has also franchise for salespeoplebeen leveraged by sales channel types of businesses. And while buying a McD's is likely out of financial reach for most of the working class, sales centric franchises require a much lower investment, most franchises are under $100K. Despite the relatively small price tag many top producers in this field are beating out the Golden Arches for ROI. And best of all….no brick and mortar required as most are work from home franchises.

Franchising can provide the perfect solution for a new business owner and franchisor. These business to business franchises provide new owners with a recognizable brand name, a replicable business system, a company invested in their ongoing success and a step by step operational training process. The franchise in turn gets a motivated new sales savvy owner with "skin in the game" to help them expand their market share. For many sales people who have dreamed of being their own boss but didn't know exactly where or how to start this can be a great fit.


"The FRAN5 group works with 35 successful sales based franchise companies who are actively seeking high caliber sales executives to invest in their own business"

Several sales based franchise brands have top performing owners earning over 1 million dollars a year, some even more. One of the business franchises within the group show audited net annual earnings of just under $700,000 for the top 25% of their owners. Another indicates $800,000 annual average NET earnings.

The majority of these businesses are work from home franchises, or can be run from a small office. Most offer the flexibility to be owner operated or expanded with additional sales staff. franchise citySome can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world.

If you are a qualified candidate with a minimum of 5 years successful senior sales experience and a minimum of $25k to invest in your business please watch the video above or complete the form on this page. There are no fees for our service and your franchise will never cost more by using us.


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