Franchise City Client Testimonials

In addition to being qualified brokers all Franchise City consultants are also business and franchise owners themselves. We have helped hundreds of people realize their dreams of business ownership and we welcome the chance to work with you.

"In the quest to own or start one's own business - there are a large number of choices and potential risks. It's therefore imperative to seek expert advice to help avoid many costly mistakes that are often made my individuals.    Robert (Franchise City)  is one such professional who brings a variety of resources and expertise to help one make the RIGHT choice and I encourage anyone to seek out his advice"
*Larry Carnell CBI, CFB. Vice President at Benetrends and Award Winning Entrepreneur

"I highly recommend Jerry Rieder (Franchise City) to any foreign investor seeking franchise investment opportunities in the U.S.  He brings enormous value to the foreign investor, because of his ability to find E-2 friendly franchisors willing to support and facilitate a smooth visa investment process.  Jerry is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with"
*Bobby C. Chung, Esq., E-2 Visa Attorney and Previous Attorney Advisor for the United States Department of Justice

“Robert Edwards at helped us find a senior care franchise paying less royalties and having a larger territory than our original choice. I highly recommend their services”
*Ted Owens - Owner of a Popular Senior Care Franchise

“I have worked with many consultants and consulting firms over the years and would rank Rieder Franchise Consulting as one of the most insightful and strategic with whom I've partnered. Jerry Rieder; with his extensive business franchise consulting background, was absolutely critical in guiding me through the selection process.”
*D. Johnson, former CFO of a Fortune 500 Healthcare Co.

Thanks to Jerry Rieder I have acquired a franchise in the services field of in Florida. This is my story; for over a year I was trying to find a solution for my objective - to buy a business in the US I could identify with and that would lead to an E-2 investment visa. During one of my countless searches on the Internet, I had the good luck to come across Franchise City. From the moment they began consulting with me, everything ran smoothly and efficiently. I’d even call the help they gave me “personal support”. I can see now how extremely important it was to have the support of an experienced and honest franchising professional such as Jerry. He was able to clarify my doubts regarding E-2 visa businesses and advised in difficult decisions such as emails and Skype calls with lawyers and the franchisor. His technical and psychological support was crucial. And even today, after I already closed the deal, Jerry continues to follow up to make sure everything progresses as planned with my business. RFC also recommended a very competent specialist, Immigration Attorney who supported me through the franchise purchase and gave me a secure feeling. If you have any doubt about the quality of work done by RFC, my advice to you is; work with them, and soon you’ll be writing a testimonial similar to mine!
*Gilberto Colorni: Creative Agency Owner - Sao Paulo, Spain. E-2 Visa Candidate - Purchased a Sign/Advertising Franchise in Lakeland, FL.

"Franchise City thankfully saved us from making a $500,000 mistake. Our original franchise choice closed the doors in only 6 months while our new franchise is extremely profitable. I highly recommend Robert and Franchise City/FRAN5.”
*Pauline Davis AZ

“Jeff Lutz was very knowledgeable, patient and informative. I feel that after a few calls he knew what I wanted even better than me.
Finding the right franchise was a stressing task but after working with Jeff I felt a lot more comfortable and calm to make the right decision. Jeff supported me through the whole process including training and financing.“
*Jeff Harris OH

“ Jerry Helped me every step of the way, and was able to provide insight about the franchise industry, that I as a beginner could not possibly have had on my own.”
*L. Balaklaw, MD, MBA

“I recently began my franchise experience.  Jerry was there with me the whole way. From the start, Jerry did a great job of narrowing down my interests and suggesting franchises that aligned with my goals, objectives and needs. He provided excellent franchise options and a smaller scope of work that I could actually go out and tackle without feeling overwhelmed. He also gave me some good insight into some of the key aspects of franchises to analyze and be aware of, and had the valuable familiarity with specific franchises to save me countless hours of time and effort that would have been required to research and acquire the same information myself. As I narrowed down my search and got more detailed into the setting up of my own franchise, Jerry provided me with many contacts and resources that either directly helped me with my decision making or provided an outlet to information for me to make decisions and find my desired path.  In the end, I’ve found Jerry to be great support with valuable insight, perspective, and franchise familiarity on a global level. He’s also just a great guy that cares about not just me but the well-being of people in general. I recommend Jerry to any prospective franchise owners.”
* S. Schoenmakers, former U.S. Patriot Missile Project Engineer, MIT Graduate


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